A Matter of Minds | A Bloodborne Inspired Campaign

:crossed_swords: Dungeons and Dragns 5th edition

Games are going to be held weekly in any of the following days weekly, choosing one game slot is also fine and you arent expected to be playing in each game just listing all possible groups.

The world falls into a darkness as the clashing of steel and firing of bullets is heard in the distance, time is slowly running down as all who seek to create piece fall while the monstrosities of the mind begin to become more real then they ever should have. Once you were a hunter but now you’re the prey as the tolling bell rings once more. Will this be the final hunt? Or will you manage to survive long enough to see the next.

A Bloodborne inspired game using a unique equipment system and custom classes based off of the base fifth edition dungeons and dragons with horrors to be explored and a hunt to be had. No previous bloodborne knowledge required either as a vast majority of the world will be of my own making instead of merely a 1:1 with the game.

I will be using discord to do much of the communication for the game however am running the games on a platform called Startplaying.com which is where the payments will also be done instead of money being placed in my hands directly.
Professional Game Master - Sol | StartPlaying
This is my account and the games are listed there to pick which time slot you’d like, making an account being free playing costing.