A Forever DM Seeks Weekly/Biweekly Game

Hello Everyone. My name is Bold King Cole. i am looking to have a game of Pathfinder 2e after 4:30 pm cst ANY DAY, i have some exp with the game and i really wanna play more, but its hard to find a game. love playing as Kobolds, and love to play in general. looking for something more long term and hopefully every week or two

System(s): Pathfinder 2e (preferred) DnD 5e

Interests: Any theme will do for me, Heists, Fantasy, Magitech, Sci-Fi. Loves to Roleplay

Availability: Preferably on week nights after 4:30 PM CST Tuesday- Sunday

Paid games?: NOPE

Hello Kobold.

I play pathfinder 2e with some strangers once a month on 20:00GWT. I am new to the group and I am not of authority to invite random people to the discord server, but if this interests you I can ask.

We will be begining the blood lords campaign on april 27 saturday.