A Deep and Creeping Darkness

Game should be taking place Monday September 13th at 6 pm CDT

Hey there! I am looking to do a one or two shot of the adventure “A Deep and Creeping Darkness” from Candlekeep Mysteries. The game will be taking place on Foundry Virtual Tabletop and voice will be on Discord which you will get an invitation to each upon acceptance. I am looking to expand my DMing skills with spoopy stuff and do some practice on Foundry Virtual Tabletop before I pull out the true spoopy town experience for my group.

This game should be suitable for new players to learn and experience the game so hit me up.


The party is brought together by a scholar who is looking for adventurers to send to the mountain town Maerin to explore the nearby platinum mine where many lives were lost in the collapse that they learned of from a book called “A Deep and Creeping Darkness”. The party will be meeting together outside of the town with a courier soon to bring the book for them to carry with them. The party would have been told a summary of the contents of the book when hired and each given a copy of the crude map that was in the back of the book.

"A Deep and Creeping Darkness tells the tale of a mountain village whose residents went missing over the course of several months. The book presents a series of vignettes allegedly collected from “those who were there”: survivors, traveling merchants, and (in secondhand accounts) residents of nearby settlements. It is unclear whether it is a fictional tale, folklore, or history. The content seems factual, but the language is extravagantly dramatic.

Vermeillon, established after settlers discovered a platinum vein in the mountainside, did a booming business in both the raw ore and the refined metal for around a decade. Due to the rough terrain and the harshness of the climate, the village never grew large. It intermittently hosted a succession of traveling merchants who came to the village for a week or two, sold and traded their wares, then left again. The nearest civilized settlement was three days’ ride on horseback down the mountainside. The inhabitants named in the book include Mayor Lei Duvezin, a kind and talented dwarf smith named Tormun, and his wife, Blenyss.

Seventy years ago, an explosion rocked the platinum mine, collapsing the tunnels and burying workers under tons of rubble. Sixty miners were underground that day. Over thirty of them died in the initial collapse, and the instability of the tunnels made rescue of the others slow and dangerous. The miners who survived the collapse were trapped for days or weeks before they were rescued—or perished in the deep, alone and terrified. Sixteen came out alive. Eleven were never found.

In the wake of the catastrophe, another horror plagued the village as people began to disappear, starting with the survivors—not all at once, however. One or two would vanish in a single night, then a tenday might pass before the next disappearance. These unexplained disappearances terrified the remaining miners. After all the survivors either disappeared or fled, other villagers began to vanish. The villagers tried to protect themselves by sleeping with weapons and taking shifts on watch, but nothing changed. Traveling in groups didn’t help, since a companion might vanish while even briefly out of sight.

With no one willing to keep the mine open and the disappearances leading to fears that Vermeillon might be cursed, merchants and other travelers stopped visiting the village. The end of the patchwork story claims that the village is still there, though whether anyone inhabits it is a mystery. The volume’s writer muses over the decline of the village, speculating about the fate of its inhabitants. They wonder whether it would be worth hiring adventurers to see if anything remains of the village—particularly the platinum ore. Sketched on the back of the last page is a rough map of the village’s location, with directions from the closest mountain town, called Maerin."

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  • All official races are accepted except for Satyr and Yuan-Ti Pureblood

  • All Tasha’s class variants are allowed

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