8.6 Update Messing up my Worlds

Is it just me or does this newest update cause more issues then it “fixed”?
Maybe it’s late and I’m frustrated, but at the moment, I have spent the last few hours just getting my new updated forge just to function, let alone add anything new to my world

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yep lots of modules are not compatible, I back dated to 7.10 for now

This is an issue of Module creators not working on their modules anymore, or have time to fix everything.
The module creators are not obligated to fix their modules, and some have moved on to other projects.

The Foundry Community of developers are trying their absolute best to keep up, but there is over 1k modules out there now, many written in their own way. To maintain all of those is a hard task, and some are going to get lost.

If you’re interested in what modules are updated to, Foundry has made a list: 086 Packages Testing Checklist - Google Sheets , So keep updated :heart:

If you’re unsure of what’s next, I would recommend being on 0.7.9(10) for now.

I am a software project manager. That stated, I saw the writing on the wall with the 0.8 release when I switched to Foundry back in early version 6.

It was a lot of work for me but I kept up to date on modules and following the overall community knowing many of the modules I loved will be obsolete. I only use modules that are supported by the community as a whole, as I like to build worlds for later dates and don’t want to redue things due to modules not working.

Roll20 does a voting system for approvements, which in the business never pans out as customer priorities are not always in line with production, the vote gives too much illusion of power, hence why Roll20 hardly ever sees big improvements.

I love Foundry as it has a “try it to buy it” development approch. I am jealous to be frank. These creators make modules that we try and it gives the Devs real-time data to see if they want to add it to the official version and how much work it will be. The best example is the overhead tiles with version 8. I would bet money this was not on the original roadmap!

Foundry is the best, but if you don’t have the time to experiment, stick with modules that stay up to date.