[5E][Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday] Looking for a group!

#Player Name: Fenris
#Availability: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday
#Times Available: 7pm UTC to 3am UTC
#Preferred Class: Pretty much all of them.
#Character Level: Any
#Preferred Gameplay Type: RP is a priority, but combat is also extremely appreciated.
#Edition: 5E
#Pay-for-Play: No.
#Voice: Yes, with a decent mic.
#Video: No.

Notes: As a player, I tend to keep a chill, friendly and relaxed attitude and give a great deal of attention to your world and rules. Being respectful at the table is number one priority, we are all looking for wholesome fun.

I am mostly looking for a typical DND campaign, be it homebrew or a module. Respectful table where everyone gets their time to shine is a must, I can’t stress this point enough! Cheers! Feel free to DM for more Infos.

sat thru a lvl 1 combat turn that took 40 mins last wk. well said !