5e Standard Assets not loading

Not sure what’s causing the issue, this happened recently (roughly a month ago)?

I am not seeing this personally

What Foundry version are you on?
Have you tried without modules?
Is everything up to date?

Do you get any errors in console? (f12 → console, red errors.)

I’m running Foundry VTT version 9 (default version).
Issue persists without modules.
Players report this issue as well, so it’s not exclusively an error on my end.

As of right now, the icons do come back eventually over the course of the session, so I’m chalking it up to be a extremely delayed connection somewhere between the tabletop and where the icons are stored.
A little inconvenient, since the lack of icons also affects statuses as well, but its overall manageable, so its safe to say it’s not a bug.

Thanks for the confirmation!