5e players AC not matching D&D Beyond using DnD importer

Running 5e campaign with D&D Beyond Importer. Everything ports over including armor and stats but even equipped the armor does not change AC in Foundry. DND beyond has the correct AC. Etikatan a half elf Cleric wearing a breastplate and with an Dex modifier of +2 has an AC of 18 normally and shows as much in DND Beyond but only an AC of 12 in Foundry no matter if I delete his ported breastplate and add one from the SRD compendium equipped or unequipped.

Anyone else having this problem or have an idea where I am screwing up? Thanks!

That’s a question for that Discord: https://discord.gg/rtx5KKVhxz

Also, I believe the fix is to turn off DAE’s Automatic AC Calculation.

Hot damn you are good! That fixed it! Thank you!!!

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