:crossed_swords: Game System:

PF2e and d&d 5e are run at the same time.

:calendar: When:

We run the game in the so called “west marches” system, which means it is the players that schedule sessions when they have time. We have DMs in different timezones for that.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:

We’re playing in a homebrewed island in the world of Exandria (Critical Role), the game mixes exploration, combat and some social. It is however very different than most campaigns - as one player put it “it’s like playing d&d on iron-man difficulty level”.

:memo: Aditional Details:


Are you in search of a flexible and player-focused gaming experience? Look no further than The Oasis! Our game follows the West Marches format, meaning that anyone can join at any time. Whether you have a few hours to spare each month or can commit to multiple sessions, the choice is yours. Join fellow adventurers as they embark on daring expeditions into the mysterious and untamed island of Oasis, which is nestled between Wildemount and Tal’Dorei on Exandria.

Prepare to encounter thrilling dangers and discover valuable treasures. Although the game is running for some time now, we have literally hundreds of points of interest to explore and thousands of obstacles to overcome.While we don’t heavily rely on the Critical Role lore, it still exists within our world, with factions shaping the background and timeline. Our setting offers a myriad of gray areas, free from rigid concepts like “orcs are inherently evil.” Think of it as similar in tone to Tal’Dorei: Reborn or Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. We’re a friendly community where everyone is welcome!There are no restrictions on the number of participants, and you won’t feel left out if you join later. There’s always something exciting for players of all levels, whether you’re at level 3 or level 10.

Currently, we have three Game Masters running D&D 5e games, one in a European Time Zone and two in North America. We also started a beginner-friendly Pathfinder 2e version of Oasis, playing on the same island and sharing lore with the 5e counterpart with two additional Game Masters for Pathfinder 2e that are quite new to the system – one in North America and one Europe.The 5e players are at the cusp of leveling up the home-base town of Proto, which will mean every new player will soon start at level 5 and those that are of lower levels will quickly be advanced. The Pathfinder games are just a couple of sessions in and begin with level 1. For 5e games we have special sessions that are beginner friendly – they are meant to show you the ropes in both the VTT we use and the mechanics of the game itself. If you’re eager to join the adventure, head over to the Exandria Discord server, where we host and chat about the games.

Find the “looking for a game” channel and let the fun begin!

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System: 5e / pf2eSetting: Exandria + homebrew
Type: Online - discord + Foundry VTT (free Forge account needed)
Game Style: we’re trying to stick to rules as written, and base our games on the three pillars of d&d - exploration, social encounters, combat.

Discord Invite: Exandria

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