[5E] [LFP] Welcome to Barovia (Two/Three Shot)

Group 1 is currently complete, feel free to post to be part of the next group, as this is going to be a recurring thing.

:crossed_swords: Game System:
D&D 5e

:calendar: When do you play:
Exact day and time to be determined based on player availability (most likely on a weekend), but would start around 6PM-9 PM EDT and end around 10PM-1AM EDT.
Sessions will be 4 hours. I expect the scenario to take 2 or 3 sessions total, which we would do once per week.
First session for Group 2 would be around mid-october.

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
This is a horror style scenario. It’s going to be serious play, not the goofy kind, but it does not preclude having humor in the game.
It is based in Barovia (the world from Curse of Strahd) and you will hopefully get scared from the dreadful vibe that the setting provides.
You will start as low level characters (level 3), a group of guards hired to guard a Caravan leaving Waterdeep to trade goods. You don’t necessarily know each other in the party.

This scenario has plenty of exploration, roleplay opportunity and combat. Depending on how slow you want to take things and how heavy your roleplay is, it would take 8 to 12 hours to finish.

:memo: Aditional Details:
I don’t like spoilers or meta gaming, so I’m not even going to give you the title of this scenario, but if you have already played Curse of Strahd, then this might not be for you as you may have played it already and would possibly know all the secrets (I can make exceptions though).

We’d play using video camera within Foundry, with audio through Discord
I would like to stream this game, so you shouldn’t have an issue with your face/voice being on twitch.

Feel free to choose any official race/class, no homebrew though. You can use D&D Beyond with Beyond20, or if you prefer to use Foundry’s sheet, you can do that as well.
It’s free to play, and it’s a great intro adventure for new D&D 5e players.

Reply here to show interest, with a short description of your play style (“I love combat!”, “I prefer to roleplay”, etc…), what kind of character you want to build (class/race), whether you’ve played CoS before,

Group 1 (Done):
Players needed : 0
Players selected : 5

Group 2:
Players needed : 2
Players selected : 3


Availability: Mon, Wed - 7:00pm - 11:00pm EDT. Sat. 6pm - Midnight

Character: Cleric Hill Dwarf

I like to RP and Combat equally. I have DM’d and played in CoS, but would never meta-game as that isn’t fun for me.

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Sounds like a lot of fun! I’d love to try Strahd on Foundry.

My availability: Wed & Sat evenings

Character concept: I’d like to play a Half-Elf Rogue, focusing on close-combat.

I also like to RP and do combat in equal measure because I enjoy both. I have a couple of D&D 5e campaigns under my belt but haven’t played Strahd before. I have a long history of Savage Worlds (esp. Deadlands), Shadowrun and Star Wars games but only started playing D&D the last year or so.

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Sounds fun. I’m new to Foundry, but I’ve been playing for a while.

Availability: Sun, Thurs; 8:30PM-2AM EDT.
Tues, Weds; 6PM-2AM EDT.

Character Concept: (I’m open to play something else, these are just my first thoughts.)
◘ Menat Sistrum, a college of swords goblin bard.
◘ Shava Firahel, a changeling sorcerer
◘ Phe Apostre, a wood elf gloomstalker ranger. (If the class feature variant UA is allowed. Not a fan of the PHB ranger.)

I like to RP, but I also enjoy short combats. I skimmed CoS a while back, but I’d rather shoot myself in the foot than metagame.

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Hi Ka. I’m manny#5049.

23 year old male from Eastern Europe. Speak English flawlessly and work as a freelance content writer. I’m a social butterfly and the life of the party in most situations. Acting is my passion and I enjoy getting to express my thoughts and emotions through such a medium.

Can act any role, feel comfortable in any scenario, get along with everyone. I get extremely immersed and roleplay all the time. If I was to describe myself as a player I would say I’m the type that I would want as a GM - active, dedicated, and passionate.

Availability: The time posted on your Foundry VTT ad. Not free on Saturdays, free any other time.

I can play any character concept and have a lot of ideas. Will probably try something that will fit the Gothic theme of the game. I think I’m a perfect pick for a Twitch game as well :slight_smile:

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Availability: Sat/Sun the times you posted work for me.

I really like the RP side of D&D. Being true to your character. Finding interesting non-combat solutions to problems can be very fun. Challenging combat in smaller groups is also great.

Characters. I’m pretty open but some ideas:
Very old dwarf forge cleric. Way past his prime, trying to live like he’s still a young dwarf seeking adventure.

Tortle ancestral spirit barbarian. Haunted by the spirits of his dead tortle parents that keep giving him pointers on how to be a better barbarian so they can finally rest in peace.

Human celestial warlock. Came in contact w/a celestial being during a mushroom trip. Here to spread good vibes to all.

Thanks everyone for posting, I’ve now received 5 responses, but looking at everyone’s availability, it looks like Wednesday is the only day that seems available for everyone.
@rulytafzil isn’t available for Wednesday though, so I’m still looking for a 5th player. I will be doing another one of these once this group is done, so @rulytafzil will be at the top of the list for the next group.
I’ve updated the original post, to say Wednesday is the most likely day and 1 player is still needed.
You can join my personal discord and contact me there and I’ll set you up in a room for doing the scheduling : https://discord.gg/6AxexRU

I’d be available wednesday from 630pm until midnight preferably, with a hard stop at 1am est.

First, I’ve DM’d Strahd before but am good about separating character knowledge from my own. I like to play with both tactics/mechanics and RP.

Character ideas I have right now are a half-elf celestial pact of the tome warlock, a lizardfolk circle of the spore druid and a hobgoblin battlesmith artificer. Although I fully expect to customize and fully flesh out my backgrounds based on any additional information (or not) I might get before we start.

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Hello im new to dnd in general but have a love for rpgs, Ive never played cos before and I would love some heavy RP and exploration. Im off work every Sunday and Monday’s so any time on those days would work for me!
My character ideas are:

  • Dragonborn Barbarian

  • Half-orc Druid

  • Gnome wizard

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Hello, I have been playing D&D off and on for about 10 years. I am a 34-year-old dad of two boys looking for a great escape once a week. I also DM a homebrew for friends once a week also in Foundry and just want to be a player for once. I am very laid back and get along with all. I have not played CoS and I like both Combat and RP.

Availability: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, & Sun; 7:30PM-12AM CST

Character Concept: (I’m open to play something else but this is what I would like to play)

  • Male Human Barbarian named Bostonian (Plan on going Totem Spirt)
    • Unlike most Barbs I come from a good family that were killed by a raiding party when I was 9 and taken in by them and raised in their ways
    • I leaned their ways and how to kill but never forgot where I came from and once, I became a man I cut my way through their village to the docks where I stole a boat and sailed off.
    • I have no home, no family, and no money but I do have skills
    • I can edit and work this into what story your crafting.