[5e][LFP][GMT] Homebrew campaign Looking for 1 player

Homebrew 5e campaign

:crossed_swords: 5th Edition

:calendar: 2020-12-02T20:00:00Z

:scroll: It’s set on the sword coast in a village called Seldom Springs. An old friend has contacted you asking for help, bad things have been happening in the town and his adventuring days are way behind him. It’s setup to be a mix of roleplay, combat and puzzles. Not everything can be solved by hitting it, unless you prove me wrong.

:memo: I am after one more person to join the group. We have been playing for 4 years as a group and someone has had to drop out due to life reasons. So we are on the look out for someone to join a friendly helpful group. We don’t care how many hours you have under your belt, if you’re new or been playing 50 years, we just want to laugh and enjoy it as always.

Bump, new to the forge mostly and curious if that date and time are GMT.

I have 20+ sessions under my belt (some on this site) so im not a total noob if your still looking feel free to poke if you wanna discuss more !

I believe the time would show based on your own timezone. You can hover the mouse on the time to see it for other timezones. The time that was entered by @tarfol was 8PM GMT

Gmt would be great do you play weekly or monthly ?
You want me to send my discord if you wanna talk more details about the campaign?

Hello is it to late to join? I hope not. My discord is Kvothe214#8886 I’m interested in joining. I’m the rogue guy.