5e in Space?! Dark Matter Entry Module! [NA] [MT] [LF5P] [Discord] [Foundry VTT]

Hi all! I (He/Him) am LFP. 3-5 PC’s for a space-based DND 5e Campaign using the Dark Matter expansion. It is pretty sweet, and my first time using it (and DM’ing). This would be an entry campaign, starting at Level 3.
Looking at the module, it should be about 15-20 hours of game-play spread over 4-6 sessions. Details: NA (Mountain), Afternoons or Evenings (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), Gaming is not my only activity, so some flexibility is requested. Game is being setup in Foundry VTT. and we would use Discord for sessions. This module is a nice mixture of intrigue/mystery, chases, starships, combat, and general fun!
Background on me: I have been a PC in a few 5e campaigns and have run a few one-shots that were successful. I like to be a bit loose and liberal as a DM, but also appreciate running as close to the rules as possible. I value collaboration and inclusiveness, especially in roleplay and world-building. Expect me to challenge you to describe things and add to the descriptors, though I will not force roleplay. I love the Androids and Aliens podcast, so have had a bit of exposure to a space setting, but also want to be clear that expectations are not set on what professionals create.

Requests for prospective players: Reach out and let’s chat! Please plan on spending a bit more time than usual getting familiar with the world/system, though it is a natural fit for experienced 5e players. I am open to newbies, but recommend experience for a smoother time. Be prepared to build a level 3 character, acquire gear, and have some backstory. Mainly, I ask for an open, understanding mind in it for fun with a new side-system. Bonus points if you are really good with Foundry VTT. Free to play, and I will provide the basic rules and work with you on resources. Don’t let cost be a barrier, but consider supporting the creators of the Dark Matter content.
Please message me if interested. -Teamber

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