5E AC from imports is defaulting to 10 + dex adjustment

My DnDBeyond Exports, and imports from my shared data are listing incorrect ACs: 10 + dex bonus only. I assume there is a default setting that his been activated somewhere. Can you help?

(The Core Spawn Worm in the image is meant to have an AC of 18!)
Many thanks!

Check to see if you have any active effects turned on (in the effects tab on the sheet).
Also if you use the module DAE it could be overriding it. Check to see if the same thing happens with no modules.

That’s the effects tab on the sheet. Looks pretty clear to me. I don’t use DAE.

I turned off all my modules except the importer and same thing happened when I imported the Autumn Eladrin as per the screen shot.

You can see in the second screen shot I’ve switched the AC calculation setting to Natural Armour, and that has given me the correct figure.

So: it looks like the sheet is defaulting to the “unarmoured” setting. When I change that to the “flat” / “natural armour” setting, I get the proper AC. Is there a way of setting the “flat” setting as a default?

This AC toggling ability looks kind of new to me, but I haven’t been using Foundry for a couple of months.

Many thanks!

It is new in the last update.
I have had a look around on the Foundry discord, and it looks like this is the intended operation.
I cant see a setting to default to natural armor, but there would be a way of writing a macro to change them all. You could ask in the Foundry discord - 5e channel (or macro channel), to see if there is a macro anyone has written, or put in a request for a setting to make it default.