[4e][Foundry][Discord] Warhammer Living Roleplay Server: Fresh Season

News! Starting September 13th, our server is starting a new season, with new characters, and in a new location. This season is based in Sylvania, in a small village called Siegfriedhof. There we will face dangers of undead, vampires, and even the City of the Damned itself, Mordheim. So come join us in our fresh start in a brand new location.

Finding it difficult to find a group to play with? Wish you could play more often in a week? Always wanted to be a peasant in your offtime? Well look no longer!

We are a WFRP 4th edition living server that tells a story of the Warhammer world through the eyes of our GMs and players. Everyone on the server is both a GM and a player, meaning all contribute to the overall story. All players are asked to host a game every other month, just to show that they are willing to give back. To find out more about our rules, current story, and how this all works join the discord and find out more!

The system we use to host these games is Foundry VTT, but we also do some light text-based roleplay on the server in between sessions. There is no purchase required for Foundry VTT, but we do require players to have a working microphone.

The community is strictly 18+, and there are typically games daily, whether pre-planned or improvised. Caters to US and EU time zones. Come find out more by joining us on our adventure!