1-20 Homebrew: Into the Spider's Web

Into the Spider’s Web 1 to 20 long term campaign.

DM Name: Ned
Game Times:
:clock12: Group 1 (on-going): <t:1685469600:t> Tuesdays
:clock12: Group 2 (new): <t:1685655000:t> Thursdays
:game_die: Game Style: Open world, Survival, Faction conflict, Grim Fantasy, Apocalyptic, Exploration, non-linear, treasure hunts, intrigue, mystery
:art:Way We Play: Foundry VTT and Discord voice. Additional world lore in Kanka.
:chair: Number Searching For: Group one has 3 players, Group two has 2 signed up.
:coin:Rate: 25$ per session. If you join with a referral link there is 10$ discount on the first session.
Additional Info: You find yourselves in the remote village of Owlreach, attending a wandering circus’ performance. As you watch in amazement, a mysterious performer that does not look like the regular staff, chooses you, among others, as volunteers for a magic trick. During the trick, something happens to you. Your copper ring starts to heat up. Your perception of reality start warping and twisting. The image of the crowd below the stages switches to a macabre scene of death and bloodshed. The familiar landscape of Owl Mountains swap to one with an overgrown jungle forest around it and a dark, ominous sky. Before your eyes, images of dystopian scenery, filled with death and abandoned settlements, flash one after the other. The sensation leaves your mind and body numb, as the crowd cheers and claps. What happened up there on the stage, you’re not entirely certain.
Confused and seeking answers, you search for the performer, but they are nowhere to be found. Days later, messengers from the capital bring terrible news - a natural disaster looms on the horizon, a catastrophic event that will freeze the world in time to avoid the impending doom.
The official’s letter, attached to this note, confirms the disaster and urges you to prepare for the stasis spell. The message is clear - the spell is imminent, and you must take shelter to survive.
As you go into stasis, you feel the world around you slowly freeze, your senses fading away. Your last thoughts frozen in time together with you, wondering if those visions had something to do with it.
Time passes for the world, but not for you. The world around you changes, but not you. Then you hear it. The first sound, after who knows how much time: your own heartbeat. Your stasis starts to end.
This is where your journey begins

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