WotC Acquisition of D&D Beyond

With WotC acquiring D&DB do you think there will be any impact on D&D integration into Foundry? As far as I know Foundry does not have or support official licenses for D&D source materials and the only way it is supported is through 3rd party module makers that import direct from D&DB. Do you think this will be throttled in the future by WotC?

As you can guess, the news of WotC acquiring DDB was unknown to pretty much everyone until it was announced, so we don’t really have any more information about this than you at this time, and we can only speculate. I think it’s likely that DDB will continue with the same team and only the owners have changed, but the same policies will remain as the same team will continue to run things at DDB.
If importers that interact with DDB were something of a concern to WotC, they likely would have prevented them from existing before. They didn’t need to own DDB in order to make a ruling against such things. At the end of the day, it’s a positive for everybody involved, D&D Beyond and the players, so there is no reason to prevent it in my opinion.
Only time will tell though!