Why Have You Deprecated This?

I just received a message that 9.269 has been deprecated, that I need to make a full backup and, at least, upgrade to 9.280. Why?

There are still too many of the very bloody few mods I use that have not been updated, yet; I’m not ready to go. I was trying to wait until the end of our current adventure, so I could take things one step at a time. I haven’t even begun to put in anything for the next adventure.


Because v10 is still in crap shape… Foundry really did a number, this time, really fouled a bunch of crap up, and I don’t want to upgrade to that ball of cheeto’s, yet. The work I’m going to have to do to update everything I’ve put into the game to a shape that doesn’t look like garbage is going to be pretty good-sized; I do a LOT of my own work.

You should have given 9.269 and above about six months AFTER v10 came out before requiring an upgrade.


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Hey there,
Sorry for the late reply!

You can still continue to use v9.269 for your game, so you can absolutely continue your adventure on the current version. We are only preventing new servers from being set to it.

v9.280 should also be compatible with all of your current modules if you choose to upgrade to it and offers fixes for a few core issues identified in v9.269 without making any changes to the core API.

We wouldn’t force you to do an upgrade to v10, and there is always a manual step involved when upgrading your Foundry version, so that you aren’t caught unawares and have an opportunity to make a clone or backup.

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Thank you.

I have been waiting to update to v10 because I’ve read about so many things messing up with it and I wanted to hold on until I could be relatively sure I would not have a headache with it. I finally took the heart-pounding plunge last week and, thus far, things seem to be living up to what I need them to be.

They’re already working on v11, too…


V10 didn’t really “break” anything but backwards compability with a lot of already-abandoned modules. The vast majority of changes made in V10 were band-aided to support V9 through to V13.

As a system developer, I do not at all agree that V10 was a “botched” release. Quite the opposite. It was very smooth and well communicated.

However, that applies to the dev community. I do believe that regular customers, who only use Foundry and don’t really keep up to date, could’ve had a different experience and be left a bit in the dark about the update.

Foundry itself had no major issues, but a lot of old mods did break with the change, which, to a user, looks no different than Foundry breaking.

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If “regular” customers are having a different experience than developers, that is a marked failure on the Foundry team’s side. I know there is no software on the planet that comes without hiccups, but v10 sort of broke the mold on that. Developers may have a great experience, but that’s because they’re developers; if consumers of the product don’t have a smooth experience, as well, that’s problematic, at best. The regular customer side of things, all over the internet where Foundry is concerned, has been universally panned, until everything was put back to rights.

If you are part of the Foundry development team, please send the message that trying to do too much at one time is detrimental to development, period.

Speaking of old mods, up to the end of v9 I had 27, some of them support modules, libraries and the like, for other modules. I installed the Module Compatibility Checker and made sure to wait until all of my modules were either updated or deprecated before I updated. The modules that had been deprecated because they were added to Foundry’s list of features had to be rebuilt because Foundry did not include the best features of those modules. Do you know how many modules I am back up to, out of the umpteen-million modules that exist, and NOW my v10 is working correctly? 27.

I dare say I am more careful than most when it comes to updating, anywhere, not just Foundry, and if MY customer experience has been a raw one, imagine those who are less patient and less careful than I am? Not a good look.

Now the Foundry crew are already looking ahead to v11 and my head is exploding with all the nastiness that’s going to come out for “regular” users of the software, next. Slow the roll, spread things out, most “regular” customers don’t know and don’t care what sorts of updates are coming next, we’re just grateful to be able to have software that works. I’m part of a development team for a game mod and my guys were scrambling EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. after v10 was released to fix this problem. Fixing this problem caused the next problem and it was a cascade that didn’t slow down for three weeks after that release. TinyMCE and ProseMirror are both crap editors -I’ve been working HTML, PHP, and attempting to work with JavaScript and CSS since 1997 and the bloat code that goes into the journal entries is just absolutely astonishing, but no one at Foundry is listening about that subject- and they need to find an older editor that doesn’t convert the most basic coding into MSO garbage; don’t convert my code, for pete’s sake, I wrote it the way I wrote it for a reason, and I don’t need something converting what I know and what I’ve written into crap I don’t recognize and shouldn’t be there.

There are problems with Foundry I hope and pray will be fixed, and there are ongoing tough problems -you can read about some of them in this morning’s digest email- with v10.

I can’t be on here all day, I have to walk the dog and get ready for Thanksgiving.

I waited 20 days to respond to your missive, thetoblin, because of being so angry with v10 and dismissive comments about how good it is, when it’s still a problem child, in actuality. I knew you were trying to help, so I waited. Thank you for your point-of-view. Happy Thanksgiving.