What is the "Data Quota" and "Assets Quota" on The Forge?

Storage on Local Foundry Installations

By default, Foundry VTT is a self-hosted program, and will store files on a computer’s local hard drive. All your world data, asset data, system data, and module data will be kept on your local hard drive. The limit of your Foundry data storage is the limit of your hard drive, and how much of it you are willing to use toward Foundry content.

Storage on The Forge VTT

On The Forge VTT, we store content differently. Thanks to the strong optimization of The Forge, we are able to offer much of the content users access for free, without counting against any data quota. This means that most modules, systems, and worlds that are downloadable from our Bazaar service is hosted for free- without counting against user storage.

For the rest, we do impose quotas- server storage isn’t free! The total storage available to a user is dependent on their subscription level. For more details on this, please see our Plans and Pricing page.

  • The Data Quota is for storing data from user worlds and other non-asset content. Custom modules, systems, and worlds are stored here. Most assets are not. Fortunately, most users will never have to worry about exceeding their Data Quota.
  • The Asset Quota is for storing all assets- basically any audio, video, or image file uploaded by the user. This content is automatically optimized and distributed throughout the world, meaning that users will almost always have the best possible loading time for their content.

If more storage is needed, The Forge VTT offers options to upgrade individual storage quotas, whether by add-on to your subscription, or by increasing the level of your subscription- again, see our Plans and Pricing page.