Weather Overlayes

I just purchased Dungeon Channel’s ‘Weather Overlays’. I’m new to Forge so I don’t understand quite a bit.
The Overlays look great on his site but I don’t understand how they are to work in the game. I have gone to his web site and looked in the downloaded folder but there is no instructions. I have it ticked in the window where it is listed in the Bazaar but when I’m in the game I don’t see anything where I can use the overlays. I suppose I’m suppose to upload the files some where but I’m not sure where.
If anyone could help me I would much appreciate it. I spend money on this and would like to use it.
The Grumpy DM

Hehe, this sounds like an assets modules, if you bought it on bazaar? This product: The Forge

In that case, I would recommend going into Foundry, Tile Controls → Tile Browser → The Bazaar.
If you go into “Assets” or “Modules” you should be able to find the files you’re looking for.

Thank you for this information. Yes it was an asset module off of bazaar. I’ll give what your saying a try. Thank you,
Mark H.