Using version 9 for some games and version 10 for some

Hi All, before I do updates I test things on a clone world. I test major updates and new modules and make sure everything works.

I’m at the point where I want to test out Foundry 10 but not get rid of my Foundry 9 that is functioining.

It seems like it would be possible by just updating in the game but Modules are an issue is it possible to update modules for one game and not another.

If not any suggestions how to test on Forge.

All your modules are the same for all of your games. There are 2 ways around it:
1 - test your world and modules on a local install in V10.
2 - update your Foundry / system / and modules to V10 (please take a back up of all of your worlds).
then when you go back to your v9 foundry, you will need to revert your system and modules back to the relevant v9 versions manually. This obviously requires a bit of work if you have a lot of modules and you will need to be careful.

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