Updating PF2 Worlds to 0.8.6

I have major issues when I update my pf2 world to 0.8.6.
The system while officially being compatible with the new stable version seems to be deactivated in my world, actor sheets for example do not work. When checking in the settings the pf2 system seems to be active though.
And what is even more strange, the compendium is completely empty…

I rolled back to 0.7.10 for now, but I would be interested to hear of any similar experiences or if anyone has suggestions what could be the reason. There were no error messages apart from incompatible modules being deactivated btw.

First up, I would recommend disabling all modules. Seconds, make sure to update your system in that bazaar after update. Make sure the System version matches the latest version of Foundry.

Well, everything was updated, or is there a pf2 system update that only is available after the upgrade to 0.8.6?

That would make sense if you’re updating from the bazaar.
I believe 0.8.6 does need a new system to work, as Foundry has changed a lot from 0.7 to 0.8.

As always, I recommend getting a backup of your world before you try once again ^^

OK, thanks it worked (mostly). Bellows (youtube music player module) seems to be needing a completely new setup, but apart from that no issues so far