Updating Foundry to 8.0

Is there any information or directions that we need to be made aware of as I upgrade from 7.9 to 8.0?

On a side note…you do an amazing job on your videos and updates. Please know we appreciate it!

On the 0.7.9 to 0.8.x, users won’t be updated to stable till we find the 0.8.x being stable (after hotfixes and such). We usually do it 1-2 weeks after it reaches stability on Foundry’s side.

We release the updates as fast as we can upon release of a new foundry version, and you would have to choose it manually if you want to update right now.

For 0.8.x, it shouldn’t be any issues when you guys update. Just make sure your favourite modules has been updated by that time :wink:

Yes…makes sense…thank you!