Tuesdays at 9:00 pm EST, Spirit and Gold D&D 5e in a Homebrew world [D&D5e][Paid][Weekly]

All games run by Draconus Entertainment™ are LGBTQ+ friendly and provide a safe and open environment for new, and veteran players alike. Any discrimination towards other players, or remarks that could be considered discriminatory towards marginalized groups or otherwise is not tolerated.

While all Draconus Entertainment games are not marked as mature they do contain adult themes, interactions, and descriptions. These are not often graphic or gratuitous, but include partial, and full nudity, violence, adult situations, and language. If they were a movie our games would be rated NC-17. As such we do not allow individuals under the age of 18 to join. Without exception.

This game is played on foundry and requires $15 USD a session, or monthly options via Patreon

All Draconus Entertainment games begin at 9 PM EST and end around midnight. This game takes Place Tuesday Nights


Welcome worthy adventurers! You have stumbled upon a chance to become a legend. If you choose to join the dozens of other players playing games in this exciting, perilous, and fantastical world. You will find yourself in a fully homebrewed world twenty-five years in the making. Face terrifying foes, long forgotten dungeons, and holds. As you explore this universe and make your mark in it’s expansive history. Be prepared, because life on Aerath is not easy. You will be challenged and tested, but with great challenge comes great reward.

About your DM

Hello everyone and once again welcome to Aerath. I am Draconus. The guide, architect and storyteller who will take you through your great adventure. I am a modern bard. I weave fantastical tales through cooperative roleplay and storytelling. I created this world twenty-five years ago and built it up over the decades that followed.

When I stumbled upon D&D in 2014 I had no idea that I would be here today. Since then, I have run a dozen campaigns. A year and a half ago I took that experience and passion further. I formed my company and began running professional table top RPG games. I converted this world from its original series of novels (written by me) into the Aerath that is now home to nearly two dozen Player-Characters (PCs), and hundreds of NPCs who live and breathe. This world is ever-moving, ever-changing and linked across all campaigns run by my licensed Entertainment company Draconus Entertainment.

When I talk to my players, I tell them that Aerath is not just a game setting but one very large campaign with many different player parties. All in the same world around the same time. Actions and inactions affect every player across all games and major changes are global. This makes for not only a game but a community all enjoying Dungeons and Dragons each week.

Setting Aerath: Spirit and Gold

Spirit and Gold take place on the eastern shores of the Mainland of the Danos-Onyu region, located around the southeast of the world on a map. This game is of my second generation of Adventures which follows all the former campaigns and is impacted by players action in the world in the past adventures. The region that it takes place is called Caederbrock (KAY-Daar-Brok) and is inspired by 19th century France during the Victorian era. However, it is not 19th century France and many, many things are different. The city is run by a figurehead King/Marquee and a council of appointed nobility who control most aspects of the region. The party are rookie officers of the local Constabulary/Police department investigating various crimes and suspicious occurrences in the city. Presently they are searching for a serial killer.

This game by design, is a city setting and going beyond the vineyards and other farms outside the city walls is not likely to happen until well after level 10 if at all. There is not a great deal of combat, and it is largely focused on RP, investigation, discovery of lore, and interpersonal stories between the characters, some of which know each other, others who are just now meeting one another in a working relationship. There are several locations of note which are covered in the game or by speaking with the DM. Firearms are customized items created by me (based on historical firearms of the late 19th century earth) and available as starter weapons as a substitute for martial ranged/melee weapons.

I highly suggest character joining this game have strong ties to the city and not just be random wanderers from distant lands who have no stake in the politics, or society of Caederbrock. There is a large amount of lore in the world in general and Caederbrock is being fleshed out more and more each session.

The party is currently three players at level 3 all three of which are police officers although two of three are fresh rookies while the third is slightly older but still a low ranked officer. The game is in it’s 7th session.

Important World Facts

  • Aerath is 100% of my own creation lore-wise, and is extensive. I don’t expect people to know everything, but rather learn by playing. I provide plenty of handouts in game, but also am a direct resource for any information players may want to obtain that are not listed.
  • The God’s of Aerath are diverse and plentiful. Some will walk amongst mortals in disguise. Others may be so absent in the day to day lives of Aerath’s peoples that they are believed dead, or at least beyond the reach of mortals.
  • Magic is uncommon, but not gone from peoples lives. Though many prefer to rely on advances in technology and are untrusting of magic.
  • If you are a magic user you must have a license to practice. Rogue mages are treated with derision and subject to harsh penalties by law enforcement. Including -but not limited to- execution or enforcement of antimanic devices called “A.M Belts.”
  • All official Wizards of the Coast races are available to play, their lore is almost entirely different from other settings. In addition, I have several homebrewed races unique to Aerath, Including trolls, Half-ogres, and Sidhe
  • All W.O.C all official sourcebook material -with a very strict ruling on Graviturgy, Dunamancy and, Chronurgy, this include any class or spell of these schools- are available .
  • Interplanar Travel is possible, but I recommend you be native to Aerath as alternate universe gods, lore and mechanical laws may not apply or be relevant to Aerath.
  • This world is heavily molded by player actions or inactions especially at later levels. This applies to all players across all games so your parties’ actions may and probably will affect everyone else in the world.
  • In Second generation I am transitioning to almost all enemies and items being homebrewed. I currently have several homebrewed classes as well and growing. In short chances are any Meta knowledge player possess about items, monsters and various other features will be more or less useless in this game. I often emulate default items to balance them against the vanilla D&D world.
  • I create all my maps using Inkarnet, and most of my tokens using Artbreeder and hero forge. I prefer players use tokens from these sources as well, or custom artwork. I do have an artist on the server they take commissions but are not officially affiliated with Draconus Entertainment. They’re just a player.
  • Consequences are a big theme in my games. Inaction is an action, and the world moves on even without the PCs so ignoring a prompt may have unexpected results. That said you can’t do everything I present. So, choose your paths wisely.
  • Healing magic is not considered necromancy in Aerath’s world and is instead called Curomancy and includes resurrection spells and cleansing spells. It also only heals a wound aesthetically, it does not eliminate scars and I strongly encourage players to play up injuries even if their HP is mechanically full to add to the realism of the world and offer wonderful RP and character development opportunities.
  • Characters can be killed. I know this is often considered a given, but characters die on Aerath. This does NOT mean I want player to come in with character they could care less about, or treat death as if does not matter, it matters a lot and I strongly urge players to consider investing themselves in both their own character and the characters of others, so if death does happen it is meaningful. No one likes to die but I feel very strongly that it should matter. I have several table rules that make death riskier as well, including a random death limit for all characters. My Table rules go into more details of this and you should read them once you have joined the game.
  • Please read the table rules. There is some very important mechanical information there that can and will impact the way the game is played.

Before you apply

This game will be long running. All of the previous games have taken a year or more to complete. This game will take you to level 20 and the leveling curve slows as your progress through the world. Expect to be here a while. I promise you it will be a blast. If you don’t believe me refer to my roll20 profile (Draconus, the Dungeon Meister | Roll20: Online virtual tabletop), I have several reviews from past and present players.