Trying to upload the conpedium of an friend without the forge to me, who has the forge

Hello, so I am thinking of switching systems in my game (the system I use has two game systems on foundry created by different people). But in the switch I would lose most of my compendium stuff like creatures, items, etc. However, one my friends uses the system I want to switch to and already created all the items, equipment, creatures, attacks, and other of these types of entities there. So what we want to do is transfer that to me so I can use as well when I do the switch. First, we tried to use the data toolbox module. They sent me the CSV files (the excel cheets they made) for each thing, and it corresponding txt file for the template. When I tried to upload them and use them with the data toolbox, The Forge was not accepting to upload that kind of files (CSV and TXT). So second try, they tried to make it into a module, send it to me and I tried to again upload it with the import wizard, once again, the same problem, The Forge was not accepting to upload the JSON files of the module. How can I upload my friend files to my Forge?

I’m not sure how this module/world looks, but I need to confirm something first. You are uploading through the Import Wizard, correct?

I would recommend just exporting their world, export a world from your side, in the data and packages folders replace/put in the db’s you want. You can also edit them with a notepad program (I recommend notepad++) and paste it in under your already made items, if you want to add them on top.

yes, using the import wizard