Site not working right

im having a graphic glitch or everyone having issues as well. go to the site or my game does this.

Confirmed on my end.

If you’d like realtime help or to make helpful realtime reports (like this one), joining the ForgeVTT Discord is a better idea: The Forge

We’ve had these issues happen for the past few months, they are relatively quite rare, though they seem to have happened a bit more often lately. We’re still trying to figure out the cause. They generally only last for a few seconds (though with CDN caching, it might appear broken for a full 5 minutes), so it’s been very hard to debug what’s causing them. We’ve implemented a few different ways to fix it, but so far nothing helped. I hope to soon have a better understanding for what’s causing it and fix it once and for all.
Sorry about the inconvenience, if you ever notice it again, simply refresh the page after a few minutes and it should be back to normal (and let us know in Discord so we can try and debug the problem live while it happens!)