Scene Backgrounds not reflecting the image file they are linked to

I have a scene that I had created, but needed to update to a more current version of the image.

I deleted the old file in Forge Assets Library, replaced it with the current image file (same name as the previous image file).

But whenever I load the scene it is still displaying the old image file, rather than the file that it actually is linked to in my Forge Assets Library. This old image isn’t present in my Assets Library, or rather the image has been replaced with a newer version, but Forge still displays the old one.

I tried deleting the whole scene and recreating it, calling to the new image file, but still Forge is displaying the old scene image.

How do I force the scene to actually use the image it is linked to rather than the old image that does not exist anymore?

Restarting the server did not work, nor did recreating the scene from scratch. I still only get the old (replaced) image file displayed.

The only way is to:

  1. Rename the file, you can easily do that in the Assets Library on the forge site.
  2. Rename your world url

The issue is down to Cloudflare CDN forcing per-domain caching. In general we send a cache purge request to the CDN provider for the asset you override. You can see it working by opening the asset in a new browser tab - it’s the new one you uploaded (Ctrl + F5 if not - local cache most likely).

But Cloudflare thinks every domain wants their own cache, so has a completely separate cache value.

Now, we can include domains where we want to purge the cache and this might work for your personal assets, as most people only have a couple of urls, buut then there are module files that are also held in the CDN, we would have to include everyone’s game urls to clear their specific cache and that’s simply unfeasible.

We’re in talks with Cloudflare to solve this, until such a time as it’s cleared up, please just upload files with a new name for now. It’s mildly inconvenient, but we’re working on it!