Replacement character in a sails and black powder world

Vodari: Into the Rage


Set in a world still recovering from a cataclysm 700 years before, Vodari is a pirate/sailing themed setting of hundreds of islands surrounding an endless storm thousands of miles across. The party will end up being on a quest to save civilization, though there is no guarantee of success! Characters must be of good alignment, but it is a pirate game, so a bit of flexibility is allowed (no murder, torture, and the like – keep your crimes… civilized, please). Standard races and several new ones (minotaurs, sirens, shape-shifting voda, and the half-undead cursed souls are among the new options). Being in the age of sail, black powder weapons are common, while heavy armor is not – there is a custom gunslinger class that fits perfectly in the setting, along with archetypes for all classes as options for the world.
Major inspirations for the game are the shows BLACK SAILS and the 2014 BBC version of THE MUSKETEERS

Slots Available: One
System Used: D&D 5e
Style: Voice via Discord
Session Duration: 7pm to about 11pm(ish)
Schedule: Every other Monday (next game October 19th)
Requirements: Playing on the Forge (world up 24/7 unless server has an issue), using Discord for voice.
Notes: This is a roleplay heavy game – if you’re always looking for the next combat, might not be the game for you (though those always looking for trouble WILL enjoy the tale to be told….). Character background is somewhat detailed, and WILL have an impact on the story. The group is very fun, and the story will be a good mix of the three pillars (exploration, combat, and roleplay – though favoring the roleplay), and a mix of funny, serious, tense and will allow players to drive the narrative.

Please note this is not a “just ask and be added” game - I am asking for a seriously contemplated character idea. This does not mean the mechanics - the campaign rolled stats, so that would be the first step if asked to join. Focus on a story idea, and remember to build imperfect and flawed characters. The happy clown covering up a past tragedy, or an orphan always eager to help her friends, to try to insure she doesn’t lose her found family.

I do have a player’s guide, but it is pretty hefty, as it includes sections on world history, countries of Vodari, races, classes, equipment and new spells. MOST of it is really for reference in game, though creating a connected to the world character would necessitate at least choosing a home country.

I will accept requests to join until 9pm Sunday October 11th. Do your best to make a character I cannot say no to! And thanks for considering joining our crew!!Amq9NZcnEGiGhrwmICRUq1mtUOMhUQ - link to the Player’s Guide.