Player looking for games

:crossed_swords: What game system(s) are you interested in?:
I’m willing to give most systems a go, but I am most interested in 5e DnD and 2nd edition Pathfinder. Just looking for a chill group to shoot he breeze and roll dice with.

:spiral_calendar: When can you play:
I can play any day of the week, but only after 4:30 pm CST. On weekends, my time is pretty free.

:question: What should the prospective GM know about you as a player:
I am mainly a utility class player who tries to find ways around encounters. Not because I don’t want to fight, but because I like the challenge of thinking outside the box and using the environment. TLDR, classic thief/rogue main.

Hey depending on the group your looking for I think I can help. You wanna talk on Discord?

If you are interested in a professional game, I am gathering players for that right now. We will play Monday nights at 6pm Pacific Time (so 8pm Central) for about 3 hours each session. It will be a long-ruinning campaign from level 1 to 17 or higher. :slight_smile:
Play Dungeons & Dragons 5e Online | Welcome to Phabulous Phandalin! Exciting Long D&D Campaign Starting at Level 1 to Level 17+! (