PF2e v10 character sheets not working

Whenever I try and run our current PF2e v9 game on v10 the character sheets don’t show properly. Just a long line of links that don’t work down the character sheet window.

Is there a way to sort that so we can finally upgrade to the latest version?

Hey there :wave:

This issue might be related to the specific versions of the modules in use. I’ve seen some systems that have issues migrating character sheets created in a previous version to the current latest version.

Please also make sure to check it with Chrome or Firefox, if you’re possibly using another browser like Vivaldi or Safari.

I’d recommend setting your Foundry server version to v10.290 (and your Game Manager default version, if you’re using Game Manager, and then double checking the Bazaar to make sure that all of your systems/modules are up to date.

In-game, disable all modules except for the system and those required to render your character sheets. If your sheets depended on a specific module in v9, and that module hasn’t been updated for v10, it might be where your issue comes in.

You can also check your dev tools console (F12) to see if any particular errors pop up.
If you’re having trouble, please don’t hesitate to drop into our Discord server’s #forge-support or #ticket-support channels and make a ticker there, with an invite to your game where we might be able to hop in with you to double check things.

I’ve tried to create a copy of the module and then remove all modules. Started in safe mode and then gone back to game manager, updated and opened module. Same problem occurred. I’ll try the F12 tip next chance I get.

I had this same issue. I had to wait for the DND5e module to finish migrating. I am, however, having an issue where my scenes will connect but not display a darn thing.

Answered here!
Might be necessary to have a look inside the world to track it down. Let me know if you manage to find the culprit!

The same thing happened to my GM a while back when he updated his PF2e world to v10 Foundry. It was indeed an issue with the plugin modules, and in this case, it was one called “Better Vision.” This might have been resolved since he updated very early into the v10 release cycle and did not make proper backups (he was very new to the Foundry VTT platform).

As I recall the character sheets were borked from this update, and unfortunately we had to spend part of a session recreating our characters by hand. I hope you fare better and can easily resolve this issue.