[PF2E][EST] Two experienced players looking for new, long term campaign

2 Experienced Player LFG Hello! My friend and I have played together for an extended campaign that ended unexpectedly and we are looking for a DM and group who are interested in two people who invest in our characters, companions, and the setting. We both prefer to dive deep into a world with interesting lore and world. We both roleplay and can fill in various roles.*

System: Pathfinder 2e

Interests: A campaign with a diverse, thought out world with plenty of opportunities for the players to make their mark or explore the area. My friend has a through knowledge of the Golarian lore and we both heavily invested into the homebrew world we were a part of for 20 sessions. (Went from level 1 to just shy of 9.)

Availability: Both in ET. Wednesday is the best day from 6PM until 11 PM. Or Thurs after 8PM or Sunday after 6:30 PM.

Additional Info Both have Discord and experience using many VTTs, HeroLab, and PathBuilder. Have been in a Foundry VTT campaign for two sessions.