Pathfinder 2e - NaN issue - perception and Elite/weak tokens

Hi all,

Newbie to foundry here, and I have a bit of an issue which appears to have materialised after the recent foundry update (I’m using pathfinder 2e).

One of my players has a value of ‘NaN’ which has replaced his perception score. When Clicking the perception button, the pop out screen shows the following:



The pf2e.modifiertype is new, and when I disable it the roll goes ahead as normal.

The issue appears to have extended to npc token settings from the compendium - tokens are not registering the elite status correctly on attack rolls (but damage is still registering fine). When making an attack with elite tokens, the pop out window also features the pf2e.modifier. If disabled the attack can be rolled as normal, but the elite modifier is no longer applied - the attack is rolled as a standard creature of that type.

I have made sure the world and modules are all up to date, and have also tried disabling all modules, but these roll effects still persist. Is this a known issue, or is there a workaround?

Thanks all