[PAID] [ENGLISH] [DND5e] Raider of the Serpent Seas

:crossed_swords: dnd5e

:calendar: Saturday 10:00 AM GMT - £20 per session

:scroll: Embark on an epic journey across storm-tossed seas, haunted forests, ancient ruins, and beyond in this exciting new campaign for the 5th Edition.
5 level 1 players and take on deadly perils as you journey to 16th level or higher. Along the way, you’ll witness breathtaking sights such as vast herds of furred beasts stampeding along icy coastlines, volcanoes rising unexpectedly to birth new islands before your eyes, and inland forests shaking as giants prepare raiding parties.

Raiders of the Serpent Sea offers numerous opportunities for players to build longships, conquer settlements, and even assemble their own clan to stand against their foes at the end of the world. But beware, the fate of Grimnir rests on your shoulders. Each hero must embrace their destiny, no matter how cruel or devastating, to save the world during the inevitable final battle. Only the brave and bold shall succeed.

So grab your dice, prepare your character sheet, and join us in the world of Grimnir, where even if the world is saved, how the heroes save it forever alters everything.

:memo: How far along the campaign is: Pre-group | Style: Voice over Discord, Foundry VTT | DM on Discord: silenceparadox#1707