[Online][PAID][$20][PF2E] 1-11 Abomination Vaults


:crossed_swords: PF2E

Sunday 7 PM PST [GMT-8]: 1/5
Monday 7 PM PST [GMT-8]: Full
Tuesday 7 PM PST [GMT-8]: Full
Wednesday 7 PM PST [GMT-8]: 1/5
Thursday 7 PM PST [GMT-8]: 3/5

I am running multiple weekly beginner Friendly Abomination Vaults campaigns with options from Sunday~Thursday.

I play with a healthy mix of role-play and combat, and I adjust the style of play based upon player preferences. I like to yes-and player backstories and find ways to heavily integrate them into the game. Give me some unclosed story-arcs, and I will try my best to fit them into the story!

The sleepy seaside town of Otari has enjoyed peace for centuries, but when the local fortune-teller begins spreading talk about ghostly light emanating from the old, mysterious inland lighthouse called the Gauntlight, adventurers step forward to investigate!

I am unlikely to promptly respond to posts here, so please reach out via StartPlaying.

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I’ve played pf2e with Josh since it came out in 2019. He’s a great DM and you should join his games!