New User | Player Can't Log In

New to using Forge (and Foundry). Most of my players are able to log in and aren’t having troubles. But one of my players can’t log in. It gets frozen at the log in page—the “loading” wheel keeps spinning.

Any thoughts on what the issue could be?

I am having the same problem. It appears to be the modules we have added failing to load due to a CORS issue. The en.json for most of them is being blocked.

1 - With regards to @mwjordan’s issue, the problem was diagnosed and resolved through Discord, and the problem was that the player who couldn’t login had a year-old version of Chrome. It worked after they updated.
2 - @toc: the problem you’re having was an issue with the DNS that caused problems to everybody and it was just fixed. If you reload now, everything should be back in working order.

@kakaroto Thank you, much appreciated.

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