Myth of Theros

Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Is this a pay-to-play game

Yes, a fee of $20 per player per session will be paid to the DM. All payments are made post session



***Requirements **

Decent internet/mic, DDB for character creation

Time and Date

Tuesday 7:00 pm Eastern standard time

Character Level and Stats

Level 3

Standard Array or point buy. All PHB races and setting specific races are approved, All Sub-class options from any WoTC official material is permitted.

Session run time

3-4 hours

Number of Openings:

6 seat available

Message mysticvhedd#6266 if you’re interested


Tell me, O muse, of that ingenious realm full of magic and monsters. Many gods and many nations worshiping them with manners and customs strange are there. On its shores, Fate wears the name Klothys, but her blind beauty graces the panorama of Nyx no more: where one she reigned supreme among the night sky, her stars now lay crossed in darkness. In her absence, the pattern of war has been woven. Mogis—god of slaughter—plays at the loom of fate now, and dyes his cloth red in the blood of those he has forced to wear it. The very taint of his machinations maddens the minds of those who once safely used the magic of the weave. Iroas—god of victory—has blown the horn; the call has been sung; a champion is needed.

Tell me, too, about all these things, O daughter of Heliod, from whatsoever source you may know them: who shall bring the armies of Mogis to task: who shall answer the call? Tell me, too, O daughter of Heliod, who shall cleanse the weave and restore order to magic and the world? Tell me, too, O daughter of Heliod, what has happened to Klothys, and who can govern the gods while she remains silent? Tell me, O daughter of Heliod, of the land called Theros…

Tomb of Annihilation- Mondays 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats

Rise of the Drow Tuesdays 7pm EST (Running Campaign) 2/6 open seats

SpellJammer Tuesdays 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/7 open seats

Rime of the Frost Maiden- Thursday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats

Curse of Strahd- Thursday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)

1/6 open seats

**Cyberpynk **- Friday 8:30pm (Running Campaign)

1/7 open seats

Rime of the Frost Maiden-Sunday 7pm EST (Running Campaign)