My Party continually got disconnected tonight (November 14)

Different internet carriers in canada (rogers and bell) still resulted in half the party freezing out at the same time and having to restart the server

Post a module list. More than likely it was one of your modules causing these issues.

I’m thinking Compendium Browser is the most likely culprit as it can cause that kind of behavior of making the server crash. Make sure that one is disabled, and if it’s not, post the module list as aeristoka suggested

Thanks, list posted before - I dont seem to have the Compendium module??

That’s good, because Compendium Browser misbehaves badly.

What FoundryVTT Version and Game System version?

Foundry Version - .7.6 (latest Stable)

Game Version .98 DND 5E (Which it just updated to 1.1.1 right now when i clicked update)

Cycle Token Stack: Max Compat 0.6.5, last changelog was literally “Fix major memory issues”, so I’d bet it’s still broken.
Dice Tooltip: Max Compat 0.6.5
GM Token-Drag Visibility: Max Compat 0.6.2
Pings: Max Compat 0.6.6 (has issues in one of my worlds)
Token Bar: No max compat, min: 0.6.0, not updated for months ( is a better equivalent)
Token Magic FX: Max Compat 0.6.6

Start with investigating
those ones.

Thanks, i will deactivate those and try again

A few weeks ago we has lots of issues with the new version. My personal experience is to respect the tag of “conflict potential” and disable those modules. Also run with your console open to search for errors and be sure to deactivate and module that is causing errors in the console. It took me about 2 weeks but we have our games back to mostly stable after reducing module count and only using exactly what is needed while closely watching the console. Good luck!