Module and System updates don't "finish"

Between games for a bit and I updated to Foundry 9. So far so good - other than since doing that if I tell it to update all modules or update my game system it never “finishes” - it will sit on updating for a long period of time (I’ve left it for over an hour). However - if I refresh the screen it seems that it did to the updates - or at least some of them. It appears that if there is no item to update it will refresh and show to the module as current - if there is an update it will just show updating forever. Has anyone else seen this?

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I can only second this. Sadly no idea why though. Anyway have a good one and a happy new year!

The way packages are updated has changed in v9, and getting it to work nicely with the Forge is one of the things we need to fix before we can move v9 into our auto update channels.
While v9 is considered Stable by the Foundry team, it is not yet considered as stable with regards to interactions with the Forge. I would recommend you use the Bazaar directly for your updates until it is fixed :
Most package installations on the Forge are instantaneous (premium packages aren’t), it’s part of our Bazaar features, so it’s safe to assume that if it takes longer than a second, then it’s because it’s not behaving correctly.


Thanks for the info and happy new year.

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Thank you for the update - I had forgotten I could do some of that rhgouth the Bazaar

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KaKaRoTo, any idea on when y’all might have that fixed? I don’t have a game until this next Sunday, and perhaps not then, as I am going to put a gamer friend of mine, my very best friend, to his rest over this coming week, but I really don’t want to update until y’all are ready for us to do so.

The version 9 was released during everyone’s vacation/holidays. We’re getting back to work today, we’ll be testing/evaluating/fixing and likely pushing for v9 as the recommended version to our users sometime this week if we can get these remaining issues fixed.