Missing assets

So, this has never happened before, and it has happened without me changing mods or updating anything, but when I logged in tonight, a lot of my assets simply show as the white error triangle… the weird thing is, I’ve tried loading different maps, and going back and forth it seems sometimes to be fixed for some assets, and at other times new assets are having the issue. One map was completely messed up, then I reloaded and it was fine, but another map suddenly had the issue. It seems to be changing whatever is missing and what is working depending on, well, randomness. It looks something like this:

Really hope someone can help me, I’ve put many hours into making these maps, and I have no idea what’s causing it…

Hey There!
Our Assets Provider is currently having issues: Wasabi Technologies Status - Investigating issues in us-east-1 region and you should not need to worry. They will be right back as soon as possible.

Ah, then I can sleep without grinding my teeth down tonight :sweat_smile: Thanks for the response

Hey! Just following up: The issue has been reported as fixed, so everything should be back to normal.
Thanks for your patience and understanding!