Looking for Players

35+ years experience GM looking for players in a Heavy RP, Medium Combat Saturday Night game (5pm to 9pm pacific standard time). I am new to Pathfinder 2nd edition and Foundry so the technical side might be a bit slow/cumbersome at the start; however, I have been GM for years and believe the story belongs to the characters. I do not run any modules and treat the world as an open sandbox game. I would like to find 2-3 additional players who can role-play characters. I do require a webcam as I use body language/facial expressions to guide the action (and it simulates playing around a table). This is for adults who can play characters in a fantasy world knowing that it is not real. There will be violence, sexual innuendo, and characters being asked to make bad decisions and really trying to be heroes (i.e. goodly aligned characters who want to be heroes). This is a fantasy role-playing game with EVIL creatures.

Note: After GMing for a very long time, I find I do fall into certain tropes. I tend to run a very Brothers Grim type adventures where the evil bad guys/girls/things are probably not trying to kill you so much as corrupts you, offering 2 bad choices and seeing if you will take either. For example (actually happened), a Hag offered a female palladin a living dragon egg that can be raised up and ridden into battle by the palladin. The cost was her first born child and she had 1 year to ‘make’ this child. If the palladin did not take the offer, the Hag would have an omelet tonight. The Hag was trying to corrupt the palladin more than kill her, however, the decision made led to about 20 weeks (real time) worth of side quests.

Depending on availability, I would probably start this game on February 25th. I am looking for 2-3 additional players as I already have 2 players (also new to Pathfinder 2e).

I am full, I am closing this request for players.