Looking for 1-2 More Players for Age of Worms

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:crossed_swords: Game System: 5e D&D

:calendar: When do you play: Saturdays, 2pm-6pm CST (weekly)

:scroll: Brief Description of the game/setting/premise:
Stay awhile and listen.

Starting a new campaign. It is a conversion of an old (circa 2005) 3.5e campaign. In fact, i believe it was the very first Adventure Patch Paizo every did, before they came out with Pathfinder.

Age of Worms is a story that encompasses a group of adventurers who stumble upon a cult organization who is trying to release a locked away old god of undeath, bringing about an apocalyptic era. The story is not locale based, during the course the party will travel the world into different regions. Originally written it was 12 adventures (iโ€™m going to take out 2 of them due to them being more filler imo) that could take the players from 1st to 20th level.

I am looking for 1-2 more players. I already have 4 from the previous game that I was running. No classes have really been decided yet except for I think someone is going to play a cleric. Iโ€™m going to run the campaign in Eberron. There are a few restrictions which are listed in the discord we use.

Lastly, this is a listing only. We play on Foundry VTT

If interested DM me the answers to the following:

1) How long have you been roleplaying?

2) What system have you played the most?

3) What system is your favorite?

4) What is your favorite class/character type to play?

5) What are some of your expectations of a DM?

6) What are some of your expectations from the other players?

7) I do use some house rules and/or use some of the variants in the books. Likewise there are Variant rules and such from some of the books that I donโ€™t allow. The majority of the time whatever I allow or do not allow, I do so with the intention of keeping a fair balance to the game and not to just hose over the players. Is that something you can be ok with?

8) The listed session time is the actual time. Are you available and can you commit to that day/time? What time/day is this for you? (This answer proves you acknowledged the session time above, too many people seem to ignore that when applying)

:memo: Aditional Details:

it would be same as stated. im in CST saturday 2p-6p