Link to upgrade foundry

So… I shutdown foundry. I restarted it, and upgraded D&D ruleset to 1.3.5.

Once I got Foundry running, I had an on screen was a message about upgrading to 0.8.7 with a link. The link took me to the forge and I elected to upgrade to 0.8.7.

I finally get back to the foundry and now see a second message about not shutting down until the D&D upgrade is in place. 15 minutes later, nothing has happened, no messages on screen and I am starting to get a bit worried.

DIGGING around, I’ve got socket error messages in the log and any migration appears to have failed after the socket error.

Just reload the page.

It’s inadvisable to do that during migration, but once it breaks anyway… doesn’t much matter.
If you have any meaningful errors in the console log, I suggest you copy them somewhere in case it would help debug the issue later.

That message doesn’t go away I think. You would be clear to play.

I would suggest you to screenshot the error and posting it here, so we can have a look at it.