[LFP] The Veiled Lands [text][flexible scheduling][sandbox]

The Veiled Lands

:crossed_swords: Game System: PF2e

:calendar: Variable Ad-hoc Schedule - see below
More details below but I am regularly free UK middle of day (equivalent to morning in various US zones, or evening in Australia/Japan sort of timezones) and also UK evening (which is US 5pmish, vaguely). See additional details below for more.

:scroll: Description:
I’m running a sandbox campaign called The Veiled Lands. The overall theme of the game is exploration, treasure hunting, with some dungeon-crawl feel, and I have set it up as a hex map with things of interest on most if not all locations.
There won’t be much RP that isn’t player driven, there won’t be any specifically designed long running storylines that affect the town directly - although I have a lost history and mysteries and stuff to discover ABOUT the setting, it won’t be especially active unless people dig it up (literally in some cases) and can likely be ignored if you want to. Locations will change, sometimes because I feel like it, sometimes in response to player’s actions, but you can just avoid those locations if you don’t want to deal with them.

Lore-wise, a new location has been discovered behind an ominous magical veil, and only through powerful rituals can ships approach this new land. Various countries (left unstated so players can come from any background) have temporarily put aside their differences to establish a port, and from there exploration is ongoing. Implicitly, nobody can afford to return unless they strike it rich, though that has very little impact on the actual game itself. The land is full of mysteries, strange behaviour and unknown magic and creatures, along with some more familiar ones.

:memo: Aditional+Technical Details:
I’m using Foundry on Forge, primarily text based (I have a microphone but usually don’t want to use it due to noise concerns). There’s a supporting discord server with rules details, offline maps and asynchronous player interactions - I’ll happily link you to it if you post here or send me a PM.

I’m using PF2e with as few tweaks as I can stand, but there are some (for example, we tried the Hexploration subsystem and it did not work as well as just the basic travel rules, so we went back to those). Full details on all of those are on the discord server.

I’m usually free middle of the day weekdays UK time (11am-2pm), and some evenings UK time (9pm onwards), but infrequently I’m available at other times. Games aren’t really scheduled as much as we find a time that works, and I run it when I can. Given that, other players are also not guaranteed and I’m mostly seeing solo and duo groups setting out. This has given it somewhat of a west marches feel, and it’s inspired by that, but I’m aiming for a somewhat more cooperative outlook in general, not that it’s required. There’s a player updated map or two, equipment can be swapped, sold, or suchlike, but we don’t have hundreds of players (currently about three active) so it’s not like you’ll be struggling for attention either, and I don’t intend to make it that way, but it certainly has inspiration from that set of blog posts.

I’m aiming for the style of ‘storytelling’ you find in hollow knight or dark souls or similar (though they are high goals to aim for! Please do not expect such polished perfection!). As such, if you’re looking for deep character roleplay and conversation, you probably won’t find it here (unless you bring a friend to do it with) and should probably look elsewhere. I intend to provide an internally consistent world with distinct places and feels in different areas, fill it with appropriate creatures and dungeons full of mysteries, treasure, and the occasional boss fight, and let you at it. I won’t be adjusting the level of areas for the number or level of people exploring them - but of course, the XP you get for defeating out of level challenges is much improved, as is the treasure if you manage to find a dungeon or similar. I’ve adjusted the non-combat XP progression so that you can get more from avoid fighting as well, though it’s assumed that you won’t always succeed at that.

Please let me know if you’re interested, either via PM or posts here or contact me on discord via Darloth#0148 , at least until Discord do their username thing :slight_smile: