[LFP][5e[ Reign of the Storm Shogun

Join a dark Dieselpunk world inspired by Asian mythology that has been conquered by the tyrannical Storm Shogun. Pursue personal goals in a unique " Fate " system where your private journey drives the entire plot forward in an intricate web of intrigue and horror. Pilot Mech suits, wield gatling guns alongside Katanas, replace weak flesh with crude Augmetics, and dance a deadly game of courtly politics under the shadow of an eternal unending Typhoon.

Host’s Name: Zephyr

Paid: No, though donations are very welcome.

TTRPG platform: Foundry VTT , D&D 5e

Age Rating: 18+

Mature Content: Extensive list in the Wiki. X-Card Module in use.

Beginner friendly: Experienced players preferred

LGBT Friendly: Yes, required actually.

Format: TEXT ONLY, Live Text Sessions with some mid-week Discord PbP. No Mic or voice required.

Times and Dates: Saturday 2:00 PM GMT, 9:00 AM CST ( GMT +5 )

Homebrew Content: Massive Amount

Character Level: 1-12+

of sessions: Consistently weekly

Run Time: 3h

Number of players: 4-5

Campaign Wiki: Main Page | Reign of the Storm Shogun | Obsidian Portal

Contact: DM me on Discord please. at Zephyr#7437