[LFP][5E][Bi-Weekly 8PM CST Tuesdays][FREE][Long-Term Campaign] Homebrew: Souls of Magic's Dawn



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:handshake:Create bonds of friendship (meta and in game)
:hourglass_flowing_sand:Long Term Roleplay and story crafting
:orange_book:DND 5e Homebrew with some Module elements crafted to your characters
:timer_clock:Be a part of a long term homebrew storyline

:hammer_and_wrench: Features: :toolbox:
:dash: Animations | 🕬 Custom SFX | :violin: Music | :houses: Buildings w/Levels & Heights | :art: Disc Tokens with your character art | :world_map: Custom Maps using Inkarnate, Dungeon Alchemist, and Bailey Wiki modules

:seat: Slots Available: 1
♞ Progression: (Point Buy, Milestone)
:bookmark: All official Features/race options
:x: No Multiclass
:white_check_mark: Optional features/feats and Customize Origin allowed
:pill: Fixed HP
:man_lifting_weights: No Encumbrance
:crossed_swords: Starting equipment AND +1 armor and one weapon (upon approval by DM can replace armor or weapon with item. wondrous or rare possible with DM approval)

:stop_sign: Requirements:
:one::eight::heavy_plus_sign: Age (18+)
:desktop_computer: A decent computer & internet
:studio_microphone: :camera: Cam & Mic
:checkered_flag: Level 9 Start
:game_die: ForgeVTT and DnDBeyond account (free)

This is a LONG TERM campaign and commitment. We will play EVERY OTHER TUESDAY NIGHT at 8PM CST/9PM EST for at least 3 hours. This campaign has been going on for the last 2 years with a close-knit group of friends. We recently lost a player and looking to fill that role to keep the party at 5 plus DM. This campaign is not for casual players or pick-up players, but for someone who can commit to those 2 Tuesdays a month. If you join, you are committing those days, barring obvious, occasional, and rare emergencies, illness, and the obvious things that are unavoidable.

THIS WILL BE LIVESTREAMED ON YOUTUBE! A good cam, mic, and PC will be required to play to run Foundry (Hosted on ForgeVTT) as well as the video chat. YOUR CONSENT TO BROADCAST YOUR CAM AND VOICE IS A REQUIREMENT TO PLAY.


Change is coming; It can be heard in the wind, its scent heavy in the air. Those few with keen senses are forwarned, but most are oblivious. History becomes myth, and complacency comes, and things that should not be forgotten are lost in time, such as the Prophecy of Chaos and the Improbable Alliance.

Autumn settles upon the realm of Tinil’Gan. Other than a few skirmishes, there has been a fragile peace for generations. The mighty kingdoms of men had not found a need for quarrels. Even the tension between the various races has been calm. But like the seasons, the warmth soon wanes, and winter’s chill creeps upon the land with barely a hint, especially when the Gods are even pettier than man.

For years rumor had spread. It was barely a whisper. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish… it was so fragile. A rumor of chaos, chaos masked as freedom, one undoubtedly started by the followers of Leto the Deceiver, god of chaos, trickery, and war. Now with Autumn early frost, this tale grows with momentum. Unrest in the realm grows; so palpable and thick that one could cut it with a knife.

Kingdoms, lives, and the very souls of the denizens of Tinil’Gan are at stake. In small villages, away from the hustle of major cities and nations, the rumble of impending war and upheaval are felt. History would later say this new Age began in one such village. One would think this the most unlikely of places. But where else would the most unlikely heroes be found?

Based on my fantasy novel Souls of Magic’s Dawn, you live on the world of Tinil’Gan, a realm of 2 known continents controlled by various lords and kingdoms. A time of prophecy has arrived, and the Chaos God Leto is threatening to wrest full power over the world and usurp the hierarchy of the gods. A group of adventures, later dubbed the Unlikely Heroes, are destined by prophecy to thwart Leto’s plans and save the world from descent into chaos.

So I am interested, already have a start play account, but it appears already filled…

Yes, sorry. Spot was filled yesterday :confused: