[LFG][PF1][Free to Play][18+][Seeking 1 - 3 players] RuneGuard High Fantasy Custom world. Session 0 5/19/2024

RuneGuard for PF1

RuneGuard is a High Fantasy custom world with powerful custom races.

  • Free to play
  • 1st level freshly starting campaign
  • Seeking 1 - 3 players to join 3 players already committed
  • Weekly game with session 0 starting <t:1716163200:f>
  • 3 - 4 hour sessions
    Paired with the alternate rules for background skills, Elephant in the Room, and both Spheres of power and Spheres of Might (thus champions) limitless growth and options are available as you level up.
    This game will be played in the Foundry VTT via Forge with Discord for voice communications.
  • Age: 18+
  • Experience not required, but is helpful with the custom rulesets
  • a Forge account (free player account is fine)
  • Discord
  • Working mic for voice
    DM myself or the GM (elrites223) for more information.
    Rogue Phoenix Games

Hi, Im looking to play a custom campaign, i have some character concepts in mind and i familiarity with foundry. Discord = willbenegfill.

For the moment the game is full. There is one player that may bow out, however, so I will certainly keep you in mind if that does happen. A couple of quick questions if you don’t mind… How do you feel about homebrew races (no core races, or altered core races)? And are you at all familiar with spheres of power/might?

Thanks for the interest,

Im excited to play home-brew races but I’m not familiar with spheres of power/might. However, i do have a interesting character concept that would fit feel into the campaign well.

Hey there! I know you guys have the game full so far still I’m just throwing my hat on the ring so to say, cause I’ve really wanted to play a game with the spheres of power/might for forever! So yeah, if a spot opens up let me know, please!
Thank you!