[LF1P] [Pathfinder1] [Sundays, 6:30 pm GMT/2:30 pm EST] [4 hour sessions] [Paid] [$15] [High level mythic game]

Pathfinder: Rise of the Gods

A cataclysm has occurred in the outer planes. Many of the mighty Demon Lords, Archdevils, Daemon Harbingers and other demigods have been struck dead without a known cause. Unknowingly to most, parts of their essence have survived, and for some of them latched onto beings from the Material Plane - beings such as you.

It has been half a year since the Night of the Glowing Sky, and the world is in throes of chaos, more dangerous and wild than ever. What mark will you leave on it?

Campaign: We have recently done a soft reboot of the champaign with only one of the original characters remaining. The campaign continues in Numeria as the group sets up a base of operations around a ley line hub and a mysterious techno-arcane artifact. The champaign is a sandbox. It is premarely about realising your godlike potential, deciding whether you want to embody the fallen deity or become your own God and seeing how your ascension will affect the world around you.

Party: Current party consists of an unchained monk/mystic, ranged-focused Occultist and a pheonix bloodline sorcerer.

Cost: $15/player per session via PayPal.

Player slots: 1 of 4.

System: Pathfinder 1e. We use Path of War and a number of houserules. You will start at 11th level with 3 mythic tiers.

Schedule: Weekly Sundays, 6:30 pm GMT/2:30 pm EST, 4 hour sessions.

GM: I have 10 years of TTRPG experience as a GM. I prefer sandbox campaigns that focus on roleplaying, acting, and character development. I always tailor my campaigns to player preference and character’s interests. My job is to immerse you into the setting, hopefully make you care about the characters and the world around them - and to make it all fun for everyone involved.