Issues uploading new Gatewalkers VTT

I’m trying Foundry again after deciding to swap from D&D to PF2, and have just bought the Gatewalkers AP. I have created a world on my local install and the game looks fine in that. However, when I import it into a Foundry game, all the images disappear and have been replace with white warning signs (guessing that’s what the exclamation in a triangle is).
Any suggestions on how to rectify this would be appreciated.

Hi and welcome back!
My guess is that most of those images are in the Gatewalkers module which you didn’t import. We recommend people import their entire Data folder when importing from a local install instead of just the world, to avoid having images or content from a different folder missing after import.
I’d say retry the import, provide the full Data folder and let it overwrite the world so you get the update/migrated world to use your newly imported content from the assets library.
I hope this helps

yeah that’s cracked it, thank you!