Is there a way to export the entire game?

I’m going to be running one of my games in person, but still want to use Foundry for the maps and rolls etc. The problem is we wont have internet, so I need to export my whole game, modules, settings, compendiums and all, to use the desktop version. I’ve been messing with the export tool, but it seems like there’s a lot that doesn’t carry over. Is there a way to just download everything?

The thing that doesn’t export currently is everything from your My Assets Library. There isn’t currently a way to export all of that in any kind of automated way (ie, via the Export).

Correct me if I am wrong, but it also doesn’t download any of the module settings, or even a module list. I could get them all individually of course, but they wouldn’t have all the configurations I have set up, and it’s a lot of work.

Modules, no, but Module Settings are all stored in the world databases, so if you install the same modules locally, they should all keep all the same settings.

The “Adventure export/import” module does that, though it’s not really great (it messes up the file organization), but it can be a temporary workaround to getting the game locally if there’s not going to be any internet access.