Interested in Foundry tech support / consultant to help with set up

I’ve been using Foundry, hosted on the the Forge, for months now and have many hours experience under my belt. I love both Foundry and The Forge’s hosting services. But I find myself spending more time than I want researching, testing, and troubleshooting modules and configuring things to run my 5e games how I would like. I would love to have a highly experience user to spend maybe two hours on an initial session to go over my set-up, help me (re)configure things, and help me get more out of the system.

As new mods are developed and as new releases of Foundry break mods, I’m sure there will be occasional follow up sessions.

If anyone is interested, let me know your hourly rate and I’ll send a list of things I’m trying to accomplish, my current set up and what I like and don’t like about it, and we can schedule a time for a Microsoft Teams or Google Meet session.


If someone takes the job, l want to know please. I’m in the same situation as you. Sometimes I find it fun to upload maps, place the walls, lights, tiles, sounds, effects, tokens, as well as configure players’ feats and such. But sometimes it is just too time consuming and would love to employ someone to double check and update stuff.

No bites as of yet. But if I find someone, I’ll send them your way as well.

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I could help. My knowledge is based on running DnD5e system.
But my approach could help with other systems as the methodology should translate.
I would not charge anything but would accept donations if after our session you felt it was deserving.
But I would require you to be willing help other Foundry/Forge users by “paying it forward” and keeping spirit of this wonderful VTT going.

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Great! I’ve send a PM with my e-mail address.

I’m running D&D 5e and that really what I want to focus on. I’ve been using Foundry and playing with many of its modules for months.

But I just haven’t gotten it to be very smooth for 5e games. I can show you what I’ve tried and what has worked and hasn’t worked and would appreciate any tips you could share.