Installing premium content

Why isn’t this content on The Bazaar?

We’ve got a strict ruling that we are not allowed to serve it through The Bazaar, due to it being from a 3rd party service. This is protected content, that we are not allowed to cache.

There are 2 ways to install premium content on The Forge.

Using Game Data

If you want to use game data, you can use The Bazaar and press the “Purchase” button. If you already have it linked to Foundry, it will show an install button upon reload.

Using Assets library

If you want to use the assets library, you either need to have the file locally, or you can do the above first.(Use game data first, then delete it when you’re done with the rest)

If you did the above

You can export the module by going to My Foundry and pressing “Export Compendium content”. Then export the Premium module you want.

Now - you have to upload the module through the Import wizard. You can find the Import wizard at Your My Foundry page.

After selecting the Premium module, press analyze files. This will get the files you’ve selected to render as modules/systems/worlds. Now, make sure to hook on the "Do not install from the Bazaar and import this package as a custom package. This will upload it to your assets library.


Alright, that should be it, you now have the files in your assets library. :smiley:
You can now delete the original module by going to “Select Data content to delete”.

I have a code from Fria Ligan to install the Alien CRB but I cannot see any way of entering it and installing the module, I am just in a cycle of clicking the purchase button?

Looks like you need to go to and put the code in under Premium Content. Then use the manifest link from the install page (e.g. bottom right of and use the Bazaar’s Custom Modules dialogue to get it installed. This seems to have worked for me on the Forbidden Lands core.

See an updated and more complete tutorial here, which includes how to activate that content through Foundry’s own website :

Ah! this worked. Added the premium content code via, then it was available to install direct from the Bazaar, no need for the manifest link.

Hello, and thank you.
If i use this method to shift game data to asset data, will i have to repeat this after every update for the module that i have shifted?

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