Import Wolrd

When I try to use the summon import wizard to Import my wolrd (curse of strahd), the follow error pops up:

Error importing world : Could not find world manifest in the archive.

This is the problem!


It sounds like the world.json isn’t in the world you’re uploading. Can I ask what folder you’re trying to upload?
As I would recommend /Data to get all the files.
It also seems you have some files outside of the directory you’re uploading.

I taked all the /data folder.

We would request you start with not Pirating your DnD Campaigns. You’ve demonstrated 100% of the evidence that that is what you have done here.

Please either create things yourself, or actually purchase things on Roll20, and then use a non-pirated version of R20Exporter/R20Converter to get a FoundryVTT World you’ve actually purchased.

Ohh sorry! I read the license now, my bad.